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Petr Hirsch was born 27th December 1979

12th December 2009 was born P o U t N í K
(P i L g R i M) who walked in 31 months 16 000 km (9 941 miles) through Europe and Middle East (connected 3 holy Christian places - Santiago (Spain), Rome (Italy), Jerusalem (Israel).
Walking became my passionate and I took more than 16000 photos during this trip. I hope you will enjoy my work which I am presenting you.

Actually I prepare project walking around the world. Every year about 5000 km (3 100 miles), from central Europe, through capital cities to the East. Slowly, slowly ... for next 20 years, I will pass all the continents and I will walk for

Charity - Peace - Unity

And also promoting pilgrimage, pilgrim routes and long distance walking. My plan is to walk more than 100 000 km (62 100 miles) and I will start during 2014.

With questions on my lips:

- Do you believe in Global Peace on our Mother Earth?
- How we can achieve Global Peace, what human being should do?

I will walk and ask about this topic as much people as I can all around the world. And I will share this adventure through photography with you.
Hope you will enjoy watching them as I am enjoying walking.

Stay and walk with me: http://www.pout.eu

Thank you ... Walk with Me ...

With Peace

Petr P o U t N í K Hirsch